Elma & Zosimo Family

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LOCATION-logoIndonacionclick here to see on maps

LANGUAGE-logoEnglish, Cebuano, Tagalog

COUPLE-logoDouble bed – no preference in guests


At this moment we can only accommodate minimum of 2 nights stay

Proposed Services

 LAUNDRY-logo Laundry

About them

Zosimo and his partner, Elma, have been hosting travelers in their home for several years.  Zosimo primarily labors as a fisherman but also uses his skills as a carpenter for work.  Meanwhile, Elma works from home, keeping the house clean and maintained, while also cooking the food.  Additionally, both Zosimo and Elma love to spend their time gardening!  The family shares their house with their three daughters, as well as three of their grandchildren, all of which are in school.

On a typical day, everyone in the house prefers to wake up early to get prepared for the many activities that lie ahead.  By mid-morning, everyone in the house is off to school or work, while Elma stays home and prepares for lunch, and then later, for dinner.  Everyone in the family joins each other for meals as they love to spend time together.  During the family’s free-time, those who are in school will spend time studying, while those who have been working will relax after their long days.

This beautiful house has a big terrace, which is the perfect spot to hang out and relax throughout the day.  For those guests that are traveling to soak up the sun or to go swimming, the beach is only a few minutes away.  If diving is more of what you have in mind for your visit, most of the dive shops are a five minute walk away, as well!  The private bedroom reserved for guests has a tile floor, fan, and comes complete with modern furniture, including a chair, side table, shelf, and dresser. Travelers will surely enjoy the bathroom, finding it competitive with any bathroom they will find at the local resorts!  For instance, it comes complete a walk-in shower, in addition to a flush toilet. Beyond that, the living room is very spacious, making it a perfect spot to hang out and converse with your host family!