Positive Impact


Adopt the right green practices while staying in Malapascua

waterWater is a scarce resource on Malapascua. Please be mindful of your water consumption.

electricityElectricity is expensive on the island. Switch off all lights and unplug fans/appliances when not in use.

recylcer1Waste is a major issue throughout the Philippines. Please refuse single use plastics, try to reduce the packaging you bring to the island and ideally, bring your waste back to the mainland at the end of your stay.

It is difficult to get access to both drinking and tap water here on the island. The water you use for your shower will come from a well and the drain will exit either into the ground or directly into the sea. In this case, reducing the use of products that contain chemicals will in turn contribute to Malapascua’s preservation. At People and the Sea office, you can buy reef friendly sunscreen, natural shampoo, bars of soap etc. These are entirely eco-friendly and natural products from Human Nature that are good for your health and for the island! Online prices are the same as our office.