Judith Family

LOCATION-logoBarrioclick here to see on maps

LANGUAGE-logoEnglish, Cebuano, Tagalog

COUPLE-logoDouble bed – no preference in guests


At this moment we can only accommodate minimum of 2 nights stay

Proposed Services

 DINNER-logo Dinner     –     LAUNDRY-logo Laundry

About them

While her relatives all live together in a common area, Judith’s particular house has herself and her son living inside.  Typically, her family begins their day early in the morning to prepare for what lies ahead.  Most of the family returns home in the early afternoon to have lunch since bonding and spending time together is very important for all of them.  After Judith and her son are done with school and work, they work on making dinner and sharing food with their relatives.  During Judith’s free time, she likes to sing karaoke, dance at the disco, as well as having beach parties as a celebration for birthdays and other special events.  If staying at Judith’s house, travelers will never find themselves bored, especially considering she loves to joke around and make conversation. Judith works as the community liaison officer for People and the Sea, in addition to her role as the Inato Homestay administrator.

Guests will find Judith’s house located directly on the beautiful Barrio beach, ensuring not only easy access to swimming and laying in the sun, but also the constant sound of crashing waves when the tide is high.  Staying in this area also offers travelers convenient access to Malpascua’s pier (if coming from Maya’s old port), which makes carrying luggage across the island a much easier task.  Inside the house, guests will find the private bedroom to be spacious, and complete with tile floors and Visayan furniture.  The bathroom is outside the house, situated in the common area and shared among Judith’s relatives.  Plus, the common area has lots of place to rest and relax while watching the sea.