The main goal of Inato Homestay is to draw on the resources local residents
already have in place, which in turn has the benefit of bringing
an additional income to many families.

Creation of Inatô Homestay program

Business permit for the creation of Inatô Homestay

Increase of average income per family since the beginning

Earned by the families since the beginning

Beyond that, the project has also sought to strengthen the adoption of an environmental code of conduct. It has become an opportunity for guests to have a brief insight into the everyday life of Filipino families on the island.

Inatô Homestay received their first guest in 2015. The homestay program was supported by a local NGO on Malapascua called People and the Sea.

is a Philippine-registered non-stock and non-profit organization, which operates under a three-fold approach:


Their major goal is to promote capacity building and community-based marine resource management as a way to increase the resilience of coastal communities, while also raising awareness about marine conservation along the way.

The homestay program has specifically been a part of People and the Sea’s larger project of building resilience within coastal communities through entrepreneurship.

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