Looking for a place to stay in Malapascua ?

Better than accommodation, more than backpacking: find a family and discover the local life in filipino culture !

What is Inatô Homestay ?

An alternative accommodation option where travelers stay with a host family in their house, experiencing the way of life on Malapascua with the family and local community.

Connect with the community and be part of the family. We are your home away from home.

More than an accommodation, an experience

Homestays give travelers and backpackers the opportunity to stay with a local family and to interact and partake in the daily life of their hosts and learn the culture of their community. Homestays focus more on lifestyle and experience, making them more than a lodging facility. As such, we assure the comfort of guests, but this shouldn’t be compared to a hotel experience.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is however, not only an economic activity but could also be a tool to achieve the aims of socio-cultural development. Ethical tourism can be a key driver for socioeconomic progress – securing economic, environmental and socio-cultural benefits for communities.

More than an accommodation, an engagement


Experience the genuine, day-to-day Filipino culture in our Inatô Homestay and discover the beauty of the Philippines and Malapascua Island through its people.

Regine was a great host and made me feel very welcome. Her kids are so cute and made me laugh every day, I will miss all of them lots!

Regine & Jerry family

Olivia, from England

Wilma and her daughters are very nice. They are talkative so they will enjoy discussions about everything. I will never forget them even if I stayed just one month. Her house is isolated in the nature so you can relax.

Wilma family

Charlotte, from France