Liboria & Narciso Family

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LOCATION-logoBarrioclick here to see on maps

LANGUAGE-logoEnglish, Cebuano, Tagalog

COUPLE-logoDouble bed – no preference in guests



At this moment we can only accommodate minimum of 2 nights stay

Proposed Services

 DINNER-logo Dinner     –     LAUNDRY-logo Laundry

About them

Liboria and Narciso are retired and now take the time to look after their two grandchildren that live at home with them. Liboria used to sew anything and everything for the people living in her community and would stay busy doing this all day, but now she only does it for her family as needed. Her husband, Narciso, used to be a fisherman and a policeman. His love and passion for the ocean still holds true though and he sometimes helps his son-in-law with his passenger boat that runs from Malapascua to Maya and back daily. Together, they enjoy raising their grandchildren and spending time with their family. Like many Filipinos, they attend church every Sunday as part of their weekly ritual. They also like to sing karaoke during celebrations such as – fiestas, birthdays, weddings etc.

Located in Barrio, this village on the Southwest corner of the island is less quiet than the others, but also more centrally located to shops, restaurants and nice turquoise waters. Liboria & Narciso’s house is located beach side with tiled floors everywhere that are sure to keep you cool after laying in the sun all day. Bottles of water can be kept cold by using the refrigerator in the kitchen! After a long day diving or roaming the beaches, come back to your home and sit with a friend or a beer to watch the stunning sunset.