Anabelle & Alberto Family

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LOCATION-logoIndonacionclick here to see on maps

LANGUAGE-logoEnglish, Cebuano, Tagalog

COUPLE-logoDouble bed – prefer to accommodate a single person


At this moment we can only accommodate minimum of 2 nights stay

Proposed Services

 BREAKFAST-logo Breakfast          LAUNDRY-logo Laundry

About them

Anabelle and her partner, Alberto, have been hosting travelers in their home for several years.  Alberto works in Malapascua as a dive instructor and would be happy to discuss diving with anyone–whether they be experts or beginners.  Anabelle works from home, primarily by doing cooking and cleaning. Together, Anabelle and Alberto have four children, two of which are still in school. The family typically wakes up early in the morning as Alberto goes to the dive shop for work and Anabelle prepares their children for the day. After the kids leave for the morning, Anabelle begins to clean the house, do laundry, and prepare lunch. When lunchtime rolls around, Alberto and the kids return to the house to eat.

Once everyone is done with lunch, Alberto returns to work, while the kids go back to school. Meanwhile, Anabelle uses the time in the afternoon to finish up chores.  After Anabelle has finished working, she often will relax by taking a nap. Before the kids return from school, however, Anabelle begins to prepare dinner for the evening.  After dinner, Anabelle and Alberto’s kids use the time to study.  If they are finished with that, then the whole family may relax together by watching TV, for instance. Because the family wakes up early in the day, they prefer to go to bed early, as well.

The family’s house has a beautiful garden and is a short walk to the beach. If wanting to relax outside, the terrace provides a comfortable spot to take a rest. The bedroom that guests use is very spacious, complete with modern furniture and a mosquito net. The bathroom is shared between everyone in the house, but it is near the bedroom. If guests want to cook, they are welcome to use the kitchen, but will often have to share it with the wonderful chef, Anabelle. Overall, the family is quiet and loves to host travelers!