Rosalie & Thomas Family

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LANGUAGE-logoEnglish, Cebuano, Tagalog

COUPLE-logoDouble bed – no preference in guests


At this moment we can only accommodate minimum of 2 nights stay

Proposed Services

                                           BREAKFAST-logo Breakfast          LAUNDRY-logo Laundry

About them

Rosalie currently works at home, while her partner, Thomas, is a fisherman and employee of the local government.  Together they have six children living with them, half of which go to school, and half of which work outside the home.  In addition, Rosalie’s mother stays with the family.  On a typical day, Rosalie and Thomas’s family will wake up early, allowing her husband enough time to go to the sea for fishing.  Once Thomas leaves, and the kids head to school or work, Rosalie is usually very busy laboring around the house.  For instance, she spends her time baking cakes that are nothing short of amazing, and also xeroxing (a type of photocopying). Besides those tasks, Rosalie is usually keeping the house clean, tidy, and maintained.  When it is time for lunch, Thomas will return home from fishing so that the family can eat altogether.

After lunch in the afternoon, Rosalie often uses the time to relax by watching TV or taking a nap. Meanwhile, Thomas and the kids will usually go back to work.  Once Rosalie’s kids finish up school, she normally goes to look for food to make for dinner. When she comes back, some of the family will do the cooking, while those in school will be studying.  The family always eats dinner together, and afterward, they might watch TV or play games.  Bedtime for the family is typically early in the night.

Travelers will find Rosalie & Thomas’s big and beautiful house situated right on the beach.  If guests have diving in mind, instead of relaxing ocean-side, they are in luck because multiple dive shops are just a short walk away.  The bedroom that is designated for travelers is bright and fresh, and when sleeping,  tourists will be able to fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.  For bathroom amenities, guests will enjoy that the toilet and shower are in clean and separate, yet side-by-side, rooms.  While there is no true shower head, travelers will have the chance to try out a traditional Philippine bucket shower, known as kabo in the Cebuano language. If travelers want to use the kitchen, they will take pleasure in smelling the mouthwatering aroma of delicious cakes made by Rosalie. And, when guests want to relax, they can take a nap on the large terrace, while admiring the wonderful ocean view and taking in the soothing sea breeze.